Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bring traffic to your website

Search engine optimization is really all about page rank and making sure your website comes up on page one of every popular search engine. Empire Web Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to optimization. We audit your existing site to address issues that are preventing you from reaching a bigger audience and build sites that encompass the right tools to make ongoing optimization simple and straightforward.

Second page just isn’t good enough.

Content Writing

Content marketing is taking the forefront of what Google deems important. Creating original, unique, informative, good quality content on the web is key to gaining high search engine ranking. Our team of local content writers is fully aware of the importance of their job. We analyze competition, research the subject and include data in our custom written content.

On page optimization

We at Empire Web Solutions ensure that your website meets the current Google parameters of what makes a quality website. Our team look at the code structure, internal linkage of pages, website load times, mobile browser capability as well as other elements that Google considers key when assigning a quality score to your Web page.

Off page optimization

Link building, the favorite recipe of SEO companies, has to be examined carefully. With the latest Google updates, a large portion of link building techniques used prior is no longer accepted and can cause penalty from the Search Engine. We clean up older, poor quality links and implement most up-to-date linkage structure involving directories and social outlets, growing your SEO in an organic manner.

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